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Is Your Success Coming At the Cost of Your Health?

With a work culture that prizes productivity above all else and a digital age that makes it ever harder to disconnect and take time for yourself, it can be incredibly difficult to balance your career, family, and personal responsibilities.

That’s why so many high achievers like yourself can find themselves exhausted, unmotivated, frustrated, and looking for answers. When stress affects your mental health, physical health issues are not far behind.

I want to help you prevent or recover from burnout to restore your health and your happiness, because I’ve successfully done that for myself. Together, we can get you from exhausted and unmotivated to energetic and inspired.

Sally McGrath


“ Taking good care of yourself is one of the best things you can do to help yourself and others”

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Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery
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Meet Sally McGrath

I’m Sally McGrath, and I know how to help you heal from burnout because I used the same process to piece my own life back together, one step at a time.

If you’re dealing with a stressful corporate career and experiencing soul-crushing burnout, you’re not alone. I’ve experienced firsthand how bleak life can feel while you’re in the midst, or even on the verge of it.

Beating burnout is a start, remaining burnout free is living.

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What is Burnout?

Burnout and its pre-curses, fatigue, exhaustion (and potentially a version of adrenal fatigue) are not states that are to be ignored and “band-aided” with an extra coffee, or a few more multi-vitamins, even some extra green vegetables is not going to “fix” this state. Your body is sending you the warning signs and it is time to evaluate, prioritise and actively take action to restore your health.

Just like you would evaluate your financial situation, your health also requires evaluation, care and management. It creeps up on you and often it’s ignored by the thought that you just need to have a good night’s sleep.

It is very easy to miss the signs of burnout until they are already there. Burnout can affect anyone, men as much as women and is increasingly used to describe a common set of symptoms facing everyone.

Client Testimonials


Ex Corporate High Flyer; Taking a Grown Up Sabbatical; Survivor to Thriver

I have tried everything! Apps to lose weight, I thought that would make me feel better if I lost some weight. It only made me feel worse when I hadn’t lost weight - I’d put more on. I tried distracting myself with art classes. I lost interest in what I’d previously really enjoyed; my swimming. I feel lost, my career has defined me for decades and now I’m not working. I feel I’ve lost everything, my mind, my purpose

Client Testimonials


Self Employed (even more successful) Woman in Business; Survivor & Thriver

I’ve lost my Zing! They were the words Kathy used when we spoke, following an interaction on social media whereby she resonated with the message I shared, we spoke and subsequently began to go in search of Kathy’s “Zing” that she had lost. Being a self-employed woman Kathy was juggling multiple roles and tasks, managing immediate family and also her ageing family as well as heavy expectations

Client Testimonials


Ex Corporate High Flyer; now Self Employed; Survivor & Thriver

Her Story:

Latiecha had just had major surgery, and described the subsequent post surgery appointment with her surgeon as depressing, because she was told “you’re not recovering as you should be”. We had known one another from other work in the health space, Latiecha had also read my book and was aware that I was supporting women with health through coaching.

Client Testimonials


Burnt-out Corporate High Flyer Now Survivor & Thriver

Amy came to me completely exhausted and ready to quit her job. She hated that she did not want to go home because she saw that going home was an extension of her work day with chores and duties to do. She wasn’t eating properly, working 16 hours a day, sleeping poorly and completely unaware of the impact it was having on her whole life because she was stuck, believing that this was “just normal”.

Client Testimonials


Burnt-out Self Employed Survivor Now Thriver

Message | I’m now going to bed each night, reflecting on what I’m grateful for. I sleep soundly, I eat properly and I’m drinking way less than I used to. A month ago I was considering leaving my husband, now I am working my way through this process and already the relationship with myself (and my husband) is improving. I’m amazed at the difference. Thank you. I was so pumped after we had the

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This is burnout vs productivity.

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