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It was great to see your presentation and I must admit I even felt a sense of calmness listening to you. I found it to be really informative and it makes one realise how important your work is in the business world.

I thought your graphic on “Why Focus on Well-being” was well illustrated and beautifully explained. I do honestly believe that our well being is the core of everything that enables us to perform optimally and be the best version of ourselves.

Human Resources Director

I’ve personally got so much out of the program. I’ve made changes to my lifestyle thanks to this initiative. I’m looking forward to the sessions you’ve recorded to create our well-being library. I’ve really appreciated how you’ve approached these groups holistically to ensure long term success”

Corporate Training Manager

“The past six weeks with being in this program has given me (and other team mates) the reminder of how important it is to stop, recharge and shift throughout the working day to nurture and care for both mental health and physical wellbeing.

I’ve been with Company since 2005 and I’m very grateful for the many opportunities that I have experienced plus all the wonderful product allocations however this gift you have given with the Health that Heals program is by far the best!

It really has supported team members in many ways. It would be amazing to somehow continue this program as it’s created a culture of fun, motivation and the banter and our productivity has soared.  

Thanks again for this opportunity, it has been very supportive plus you are a wonderful fit with us at “.

Financial Controller

“Amazing, Incredible cannot thank you enough. It has been great to get to know other team members better. There was a great sense of inclusiveness and the as shard it’s contributed to the bottom line! Thank you so much”.

General Manager

“Thank you Sally, it was a great six weeks and it was rewarding to see the various sections of our business interact and collaborate throughout this program. It’s really helped build our connections.  Thank you”

Human Resources Lead

The contribution you make improves my productivity to focus on compliance and the rest of my workload. Sally, I trust you.

Business Owner

This is gold! Your points about the costs to business resonate. We need to talk!

SME Owner

Well done on your presentation today. It was excellent and very impressive to be able to open up and talk everyone through some of your journey. You’ve opened the communication already in my team.

Employee Wellbeing Team

Great to meet you this morning. I love your openness. You have a gift in connecting with people. Great presentation. Well done.

Business Director & Owner

Excellent, loved it you connected to our team.

SME Owner

I’ve heard back from everyone at the presentation this morning. They are all saying how inspired and motivated they are feeling from your presentation. Your energy and positivity really shined.

L&D Director

Your energy and compassion combined inspired us all and was exactly what the team needed. We look forward to implementing the program.

Wellbeing Committee Lead

I’m reframing the words I use now instead of talking about work/life balance.

Wellbeing Committee Member

What you are doing in the wellness at work is both sustainable and it adds value to the program, we have started.


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