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I get it now, wellness is about an all encompassing life acknowledging myself. The pace you work with me is so right, you read me well. I let myself sit with stuff we go through so I respond rather than react. It’s just so clear to me know why I freaked out when I came back and looked at my CV it just freaked out.

“I’m sleeping extraordinarily well. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night stressing, anxious and ruminating” “The burden of burnout does not weigh me down in my head now, and gives me the space to enjoy and live with excitement in my life, I’d forgotten what that was like.”

“I couldn’t understand when we first discussed the OLD ME will meet NEW ME and now it’s really making sense. Now I get it, I trusted you and I told myself to believe in your process”. “Looking through my notes, 14th October 2021 we started and now I’m three months in. I’m sitting in the same room I first had the conversation with you, reflecting on what a mind blowing shift that’s happening. You’ve got me inspired to look at working again”.

I’ve been procrastinating on that part of my life for two years, now it’s a work in progress and you’ve helped me break it down, to conquer what I was afraid of. I feel like I’m getting back to my old self, the authentic me. The stress is not getting to me like it used to. I actually have a self care routine now, it feels great and people have noticed that I’m glowing and much more relaxed and happier. I’m now going to bed each night, reflecting on what I’m grateful for. I sleep soundly, I eat properly and I’m drinking less than I used to.


I was absolutely brilliant! I know allow myself to honour and share this rather than hide it. This gives me confidence to re-enter the workplace after hitting the bottom with burnout. Creativity has been buried for so long. It’s coming back.

I really needed to hear this today. Its transformational talking to you, you really make me think about things I’ve buried – just to get by. I can hear in your voice that you genuinely want to support me. You can identify and change – how do you make this sustainable?


I admit that I do not always get it right, but thanks to you, I have a reset button that I use when I realise that I have to stop, take a breath, and start again. For that Sally, I will be forever grateful!

I have been stalking you too and see that you are truly growing and reaching out to so many women who need you, like me. I am so pleased to see that you are enjoying the benefits of your skills. I am a big supporter of you and your ability to bring back the zing!


“The phrases you share stick out to me and help me ALOT” They resonate and setting smaller tasks and goals to reframe that guilt that’s hard wired” “When you keep taking the weeds out, eventually they will stop. It’s hard work but it does work” It is overwhelming but I keep chipping away one step at a time” “That is the old me thinking I need to be working flat out all the time (when I feel the guilt creeping in).


Was starting to feel “old me” again after a stressful situation, flooding my mind (as you call it). So, I sat and read through my notes from 14th October (first session) it was a good exercise “I could see how far I have come” I realised how hard wired these (poor) behaviours are and I was able to navigate myself out of the “shit I’m hopeless feeling and self talk” I managed to quieted that down”.


I loved your encouraging text messages and quotes – on days they were the perfect tonic, thank you. Also, the reminder texts of our session times, especially as I was feeling so fatigued & foggy. I loved the experience and program, thank you! x I cannot recall who that person was 3-months ago. Thank you for an amazing program. The whole process and experience has been TRANSFORMATIONAL.

I realised I was at the point where I felt so unfulfilled, exhausted, angry at the world, intolerant and burnt out. That’s why I’m here. I’m now excited and inspired about the next step in my career, rather than dreading the process, you’ve helped me get creative about identifying the next chapter. Thank you for such a great experience! I’m so grateful to you.


I’m now going to bed each night, reflecting on what I’m grateful for. I sleep soundly, I eat properly and I’m drinking less than I used to. Now I feel like I’ve got energy, that dark grey cloud is no longer hovering over me. Now I feel like I’ve got energy, that dark grey cloud is no longer hovering over me.

For the first time I said “No” it felt great and I can see how the boundary setting exercise works. That ones a keeper. It’s a game changer, what I’ve learnt from you is that small shifts have created a massive impact. Now I get it, there are those that drain my energy and those that invigorate. I’m identifying who to keep in my tribe and who to distance from.


I’ve never left that situation with energy; it’s always left me drained and negative. I walked away on a high; I was in charge and my boundaries firmly in place and in-tact. You provide the motivation I need, that voice of accountability when I need it.


I was so pumped after we had the conversation to plan the sale of my business. I was booming with energy and my husband and daughter are now excited about the future too. My energy levels are so much higher. I love that. My husband commented on how much more calm and understanding I have been! I’ve had a pretty relaxed week and I’m definitely calmer. I’m handling stressful situations differently and much better.


A month ago I was considering leaving my husband, now I am working my way through this process and already the relationship with myself (and my husband) is improving. I’m amazed at the difference. Thank you.


I knew I needed this session to get me through the next week. Thank you.


My problem client called, I did what we talked about and she totally changed her communication with me. She is now listening to me and taking on my expertise. What a change. She has been a challenging client for months and now it’s so much better.


You have made it possible for me to see that there is a way out, now I no longer feel trapped. I’ve started to research the market and look at options. Something had to change, I was so stuck, I needed direction and space to work it out. I’m feeling positive about the future now.


Thanks so much for the session. It’s funny, literally straight after your session I received a call from a friend who has some potential work for me – talk about timing.


I love the playlist. It makes such a difference to my headspace. That one small suggestion has made such a difference.


“Thank you for all your help over the last month; I feel like I’ve made significant strides in my health and I couldn’t have done it without you. I’ll definitely check in and would like to continue working together.”


“I missed you so much last week”.


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