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Ex Corporate High Flyer; now Self Employed; Survivor & Thriver

Her Story:

Latiecha had just had major surgery, and described the subsequent post surgery appointment with her surgeon as depressing, because she was told “you’re not recovering as you should be”. We had known one another from other work in the health space, Latiecha had also read my book and was aware that I was supporting women with health through coaching.

When Latiecha reached out and we spoke for an hour about where she was at, she asked me what I did and wanted more specific details. So I chatted through the burnout “spiral” as I refer to it in my practice, whilst talking Latiecha through the burnout spiral, I could hear her saying; hmmm, yes, oh yes I get that on multiple occasions, to the point when I asked her does any of this resonate with you,she responded “Oh Yeah, it sure does”.

I asked her to “sleep” on what we had discussed and reach out with any questions or thoughts that she wanted to share or discuss. The following day Latiecha called me and simply said, “sign me up, I sooooo need this”. She then shared that she was sick of feeling fatigued constantly and not knowing why as she had continually put it down to “life”. As a natural born giver, Latiecha was the prime example of a woman showing signs and symptoms of burnout and this was not her first experience with burnout either, based on what she went onto share during the Thrive and Alive program.

Sally took me through the Thrive and Alive program using the *Circle of Life and progressively reacquainted me with my life. I didn’t really know I was burnt out, I didn’t even know the triggers to burnout. It was such a learning curve that I now have a knowledge basis to identify the triggers of burnout. There are many and I’d spent years and years refining ways to ignore and block these (triggers).

In Latiechas’ words; at the completion of Thrive & Alive 12-weekly sessions over 3-months
“I feel so much better. Just knowing you will be checking in next week makes me feel I have help. I have always been reluctant to open up but you make me feel comfortable and supported. Yes – this IS what I needed. Thank you. I realised I was at the point where I felt so unfulfilled, exhausted, angry at the world, intolerant and burnt out. That’s why I’m here.

I’m now excited and inspired about the next step in my career, rather than dreading the process, you’ve helped me get creative about identifying the next chapter. Also, now I get it, there are those (people) that drain my energy and those that invigorate. I’m identifying who to keep in my tribe and who to distance from. For the first time I said “No” it felt great and I can see how the boundary setting exercise works – that one’s a keeper. It’s a GAME CHANGER, what I’ve learnt from you is that small shifts have created a massive impact. You really have supported me to transform my life and for that I am beyond grateful.


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