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Self Employed (even more successful) Woman in Business; Survivor & Thriver

I’ve lost my Zing! They were the words Kathy used when we spoke, following an interaction on social media whereby she resonated with the message I shared, we spoke and subsequently began to go in search of Kathy’s “Zing” that she had lost. Being a self-employed woman Kathy was juggling multiple roles and tasks, managing immediate family and also her ageing family as well as heavy expectations of herself being able to perform and function in her successful business. She was completely done with life, she had no energy and nothing left to give, she had no joy and could not see any light at the end of her tunnel. She exploded one day and that was it, Kathy knew she had to do something, she just lacked the energy and needed the accountability to make it happen.

We worked through the Thrive * Alive program together for 9 months going through every part of Kathy’s Circle of Life* life focusing on what I call primary food; the food that nourishes you but is not found on your plate. Each week providing suggestions and homework to do and then following up by checking in and assessing her progress at our next session. Week by week Kathy progressed and whilst it was not always easy or perfect, we created methods for her to manage high expectations of herself, when situations like this would occur, so she had tools to use into the future, long after our coaching sessions. Our combined ah ha moment was when she said “I had no idea I had fallen so far and was so empty”. Sally, you sit on my shoulder daily and all that you taught me is there to draw on when I need it most. I’m so relieved to have worked with you.

Kathy describes her experience; “Going through from where I started with you and I can see already how far I have progressed. You have really supported me to put ME first, something I had forgotten all about doing. Sure, I am a work in progress, but you have kept me accountable and continue to do this – Yes I need this for ME. I love that it’s all about me – when we connect. I admit that I do not always get it right, but thanks to you, I have a reset button that I use when I realise that I have to stop, take a breath, and start again. For that Sally, I will be forever grateful!

Following the completion of the Thrive and Alive program, Kathy has absolutely thrived, and her business has grown, she has a supportive team now and is conscious about prioritising her needs and wellbeing. Her relationships are flourishing, she has restored her interest in hobbies she had not done for decades and is the most content with her life she has been in a long long time. It’s a joy to hear continued progress as she applies what we worked through together.

*methodology used for ongoing review, assessment and accountability to enable progress through the Thrive and Alive program.


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