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Ex Corporate High Flyer; Taking a Grown Up Sabbatical; Survivor to Thriver

I have tried everything! Apps to lose weight, I thought that would make me feel better if I lost some weight. It only made me feel worse when I hadn’t lost weight – I’d put more on. I tried distracting myself with art classes. I lost interest in what I’d previously really enjoyed; my swimming. I feel lost, my career has defined me for decades and now I’m not working. I feel I’ve lost everything, my mind, my purpose and everything is a mess. I think I’m burnt out but I don’t know what to do.

Emma and I chatted following a search she did that found my burnout coaching services through a website, showcasing life coaches. She was sceptical of “life coaches”, yet open to a conversation because she had tried everything and had no change or improvement at all and now had nothing to lose. Emma had a very successful career, travelling and living abroad for many years.

Three months into her Thrive and Alive program working through Emma’s *Circle of Life; “I now allow myself to honour and share this (the burnout) rather than hide it. You’ve helped me see that burning out was the wall I needed to hit to actually take action and stop using “busy as a badge of honour”. I didn’t know any other way rather than pushing myself, I thought being tired all the time was normal and I’d just given in to what I now know as burnout being my normal. I now feel confidence to re-enter the workplace after hitting the bottom with burnout. My creativity had been buried for so long and now it’s coming back. My relationships were really suffering too. People around me are noticing I’m more relaxed and my skin is glowing because I actually do look after myself as a priority now, I actually have a self-care ritual that you’ve helped me consciously create. I’ve come a long way since we started working together. Wow, Thank You.


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