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Burnt-out Corporate High Flyer Now Survivor & Thriver

Amy came to me completely exhausted and ready to quit her job. She hated that she did not want to go home because she saw that going home was an extension of her work day with chores and duties to do. She wasn’t eating properly, working 16 hours a day, sleeping poorly and completely unaware of the impact it was having on her whole life because she was stuck, believing that this was “just normal”.

After three months Amy was walking daily before work, her kids made their lunches whilst she ate breakfast and connected with them. Her partner noticed her more relaxed attitude and her career progressed. She took herself out of survival mode, being busy all the time, to identify what was essential and what could wait.  Our aha moment was when she said “Now I get it, it’s simple really and I had overcomplicated everything by over thinking and over analysing.


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