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Why Having A Good Stress Management Sydney Plan Is So Important?

Sally McGrath explained stress management Sydney at the north shore anxiety and stress clinic : The human body has its own, in-built response to danger. When people feel fear, their bodies are immediately flooded with a potent chemical known as adrenaline.

This is called the natural fight-or-flight response given that adrenaline is a very action-oriented hormone. It makes the heart pump faster and incites people to move. In times past, this was an ordinary and acceptable response to common danger. Now, however, it is a physiological process that’s largely wasted on a modern generation that has little to worry about.

Sally McGrath explained more at the stress management Sydney: Although you aren’t still actively hunting for all your food or living in a habitat that requires you to be on the constant lookout for predators, this prehistoric response to perceived danger still exists and it continues to have an impact on your personal chemistry. People can get surges of adrenaline in the workplace, while driving their cars or while sitting in their own homes.

Stress management Sydney and Burnout Australia

In addition to adrenaline, your body also produces cortisol hormones. These have a similar effect on your immediate well-being, but they are more likely to get released when you feel anxious or tense. Too much cortisol in the body can make a person more predisposed to fat storage around the midsection.

This usually comes in the form of visceral fat as well, which is dangerous fat that surrounds the organs, rather than being deposited and stored on top of the muscle and just under the skin like the far less dangerous subcutaneous fat that most people have, its important that you do Stress management Sydney at our North shore clinic

Not only does constant anxiety and fear upset your internal chemistry, but it can also wear out the glands that excrete these hormones. This is a development that is commonly referred to as adrenal failure. For women, adrenal failure can result in the early onset of menopause. It can also lead to the development of dark patches or spots on the skin called melasma.

Stress management Sydney and burnout treatment Australia

Surprisingly, prolonged anxiety can lead to sleep troubles and even chronic depression. It is nearly impossible to enjoy any aspect of life if you are constantly afraid.

People can also have a hard time focusing which can result in poor performance at work or school. Please contact me for more details about burnout treatment Australia and Stress management Sydney at our north shore stress & anxiety clinic. Call 0433 411 580


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