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Sally McGrath shares years of learning the hard way and reduces the lessons learned into bite size pieces, so you can truly transform your life before it’s too late. If you have chronic health concerns, are on the verge of burn out and failing to see the joy in life, Sally shares insights, tips and simple ways to make positive, impactful and consistent improvements.


Book Reviews:

“Finished! Great reading – won’t be waiting until Christmas … will be getting my daughter to read it right now. She is exhausted trying to do everything and please everybody. Reading your book should certainly help her.”

“Reading it now, it’s a great read Sally, can’t put it down. Xxx”

“Well written wow thank you.”

When I ordered it I didn’t realise it would be such a personal story. I also only realise now that I got to know you when you were going through all this. You always looked so perfect and acted so kind and supportive – that must have been extremely tough. Sally, thank you again for sharing your personal story and lessons learned and wishing you many beautiful butterflies!!!” – Sonja

“I can really relate the feeling of guilt you talk about. I guess part of being human is having to deal with our ego who tries to control us and lets us believe that we are not enough and not worthy of love. The following mantra has really helped me with this ‘I am enough, I have enough, I do enough’.”

Just read the first chapter with a lump in my throat. The only time I feel like that is when saying bye to my parents after a few days stay. Can’t wait to read the next chapters.”

“Hello lovely, Your beautiful book arrived and I read it this afternoon. It was perfect timing for me as I needed an excuse to stop and this gave it to me. The chapter on flow – I think chapter 8 was so good for me. Control is still one I struggle with and chapter 9 about getting shit done and letting go of perfectionism was perfect for me.” – Heidi

“I’ve been reading some of BB’s (Brene Brown’s) research today and it prompted me to email you as I thought of you – you have a similar charm, strength and softness all rolled into one, as the darling BB 🙂 I love her.”

“I’m not a self-help kind of girl but it’s (your book). Beautifully and authentically written and sounds like you are talking to me.” – Selina

“I read your book- couldn’t put it down & what a stellar job you did! So honest, real, & inspiring: well done Sal. I’m so proud of you & can connect with so much in the book. In my career & personal life I have seen so many people on a path to destruction….it’s always incredible to see them realise they need to change, then take those steps to actively do it- & find happiness in their life again. Re; health- I think people have a long way to go: most people wing it until they have a health crisis, then reality bites. For some, it’s too late. I feel we have a lot yet to learn about nutrition & environmental exposures & how they affect our health… it’s so interesting. I have several friends who I feel would benefit from reading your book. Once again- well done.” – Nicky



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