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Burnout is NOT a Badge of Honour

Do you face each day with energy and vigor or are you dragging yourself out of the house at the lure of a strong coffee – within five minutes of waking? Does this happen most days and does it take you more than one coffee to really “get your act together”?

Hmm something resonating here for you? Whilst there is nothing wrong with enjoying a coffee, because you like the taste and enjoy the ritual, there could be other issue/s at play.

Burnout and its pre-curses, fatigue, exhaustion (and potentially a version of adrenal fatigue) are not states that are to be ignored and “band-aided” with an extra coffee, or a few more multi-vitamins, even some extra green vegetables is not going to “fix” this state. Your body is sending you the warning signs and it is time to evaluate and prioritise YOUR health. Just like you would evaluate your financial situation, your health also requires evaluation, care and management.

During my corporate career, I held multiple roles as and there is one thing each position had in common – everyone wants a piece of you! Some days this was great, others it was a source of great exhaustion and sadly my role left me burnt-out, exhausted and having no choice but to leave. It was time to re-establish my priorities, and heal my body, mind and soul.

The best part is that my eyes were opened.

I had to get better and I’m happy to say this has been one of my biggest challenges, also my biggest “aha” moment.

Focusing on my health allowed me to dig deeper into the interest I had held for many years in health and well being.

I now dedicate my time to supporting women who are in roles like YOU – so YOU do not end up like I did – burnout, sick and having to leave something they love.

There is an ever increasing demand on medical facilities, doctors, GP’s and a drain on systemic resources so if you can avoid being a part of the health system by reducing the risk of chronic health related issues – I’m sure you would agree, it’s preferable.

So the best way to do this is manage your health and improve it with simple, sustainable steps that over time develop into “healthy habits”. Old and non-serving habits are crowded out and new habits give you the platform on which to build a healthy body and mind so you can enjoy your work and your life. Rest assured there is no amount of hiding behind green shakes and coffee that will get you out of this one!

Sounds simple – so why do so many of us end up burnt out, exhausted and miserable in life and work at some point in our lives? If you relate to this scenario, please reach out for support NOW.

Sally x


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