Feeling consistenly exhausted is not 'ok' or 'healthy'.

“You need to take a break, you are exhausted and angry at the world and everyone who cares about you”, - Ouch! That’s what someone close to me said approximately seven years ago, I was 39 and on an ambitious mission in the corporate consultancy I was a partner within.

Exhaustion filled every waking moment, coffee was no longer strong anymore, I willed myself to function and put on a positive and happy face each day. In my mind I had convinced myself, I was living a healthy life. Well I was eating healthily and exercising most days, perhaps it was the lack of sleep and the wine therapy that was the breaking point. 

Burnout had entered my world and it was about to change everything. It was time to make some major changes, and I made up my mind to change... and change I did. My whole life was tipped upside down and cleansed from the inside and out.

So is there a better way?

Short answer – Absolutely, YES there is a better way and you can still be successful, ambitious, a supportive partner, mother, father, friend, son, and daughter. Acknowledging that you have always put everything and everyone before your own care, self love and support is the most empowering step. Interrupting habits that have been created is the beginning of your new life. 

Thrive and Alive, my signature program covers strategies and suggestions to implement into your daily routine to crowd out habits that have not served you. You will learn and be empowered to embrace new and improved life skills, to reframe how you view daily and weekly life.


Are you ready to take charge of your health and be the change you want to see?

Connect with me to book your 30 Minute Discovery Call to learn how you can be in charge of making progressive and positive changes to your health with the support of 1:1 Coaching and Nutrition. I look forward to learning about your story.

Change is challenging, I know this and have experienced massive change, first-hand. Change can be overwhelming so it is a path that you can navigate with my support. Together, we can create a lifestyle for you, so you thrive.